Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacquie!!!! (Tue Update)

One of Jacq's favorite foods is Japanese! Wasabi is a fairly new restaurant here in Summerville so we thought we would surprise her for her birthday. 

So many boys to hold the doors open for her!
Looks good so far!
Nice clean setting!
Charleston roll hmm wonder if it's good?
Our chef liked to play with fire!
Rice is finished now for the vegi's!
Volcanic onion, chef thought it was funny to call Jacquie Sexy, Ben made sure he knew she was HIS!
We made sure he knew it was her birthday!!!! She had a chocolate brownie with candle and lots of singing! Happy Birthday Jacquie!!!! We will be eating our leftovers for a week!
After a yummy meal, the walk to the car is more fun!
One vet and two beamer's in a row.

Gift time and a little later Ice Cream cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery!


Diana and Derek said...

Happy Birthday Jacquie!! I hope you had a great day.

karen said...

That looks like a great way to celebrate a birthday! What a fun family you are.

Watson Ink. said...

How fun! Kudos to Ben for keeping his the chef at bay! hehe.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Jacquie. I saw an ad for those cupcakes. Are they any good? The Japanese looks yummy. I am a big sushi fan but have not been to any good Sushi restaurants yet here.

Idaho Penningtons said...

Wasabi looks like tepanyaki in Provo! Looks like a fun birthday!

Rory and Jess said...

how were the cold stone cupcakes? I wanted to try one, but alas, ours closed a few months back, but still taunts us with the signs in the window. sad day! Happy birthday though!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Jacq!! I knew she would get spoiled by you guys. I love Japanese restaurants, that looked yummy!

I love that you guys have Cold Stone, so cool!

Anonymous said...

The Cold Stone cupcakes are wonderful, all Ice Cream and chocolate no cake, just the right size too. We thought they were worth the price.


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