Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Teachers invited the Young Women to Dinner

Getting ready to serve the salads

Emma & Jessa
Maile & Jaime

Kamilla is going to eat her plate if the food doesn't come soon:)

Megan Waddle

Jeremy & RyanJessica, Hailey & KelseyJeremy, Jake & Josh with the dinner cart.

Chris & Josh with the desert cart.

After dinner Sister Daniels discussed etiquette with the youth.


John and Ann Tolman said...

Dancing , volleyball and games...hanging out on the floor?Anyway, that looks like fun. What was game with world globe?

Anonymous said...

Those were pictures from Volleyball with a twist. Each partnership had 3 legs and the boy's were blindfolded. The girls had to tell them when and where the ball came. They were learning about team work under difficult situations.

karen said...

Sorry this isn's about your post. But I've been thinking about you. Are you suriving the hurricanes? We are getting lots of rain and wind. We are really inland so by the time it reaches us it's just makes for a gloomy day. But Ike looks like it is hitting SC. Good luck.

Buell Fam said...

How fun. I remember doing activities like that when I was a youth. I just loved it!

Watson Ink. said...

You guys have the funnest activities!


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