Friday, September 05, 2008


A good friend of mine told me that she always made cookies when it was stormy and they called them storm cookies. Thank you Alice for the best idea ever. So to this day when it gets really stormy I usually make storm cookies. Being as we were predicted to be hit by Hanna or at least have some of the wind and rain. I decided to bake muffins so we would have something good to eat the morning after.

Our Stake President received a few phone calls from church headquarters in SLC and was advised to cancel all of the Saturday mtg's for Stake conference. They said that they were ready with supplies on there way to the area. I love how the Organized the Priesthood is all the way down to the Home Teachers who made sure that they knew if their families were staying or leaving and getting their reports back to the Bishop. Darren volunteered to go help if help was needed after Hanna passed. All we ended up getting was a nice heavy rain for the night. Hanna moved north before coming inland.


karen said...

Glad you are ok. There seems to be a lot of hurricanes this year. Those muffins look so good. Take care.

Katie Glade Bagley said...

Yummy looking muffins! Well i am also glade you guys are ok! That is a good idea to make treats when its storming out.

Liz said...

Well, I am glad that Hannah didn't give you to much trouble. We kept a close eye on her and Ike and were pleased that neither caused problems with our vacation.

Elisa Wright said...

okay so I am so made that I never get to enjoy your cooking anymore. When I come home, I want cheesy chicken and broccoli casserole... haha. Oh and I want those phenomenal cookies you make. The oatmeal ones!!!

Haha I know Im so demanding, but I just miss you so much. I myself, cannot wait for the wonderful day when we get to go to the new Chilis!! That will be fantastic also. So I will keep you updated via my blog, but you should text me occasionally. :)

John and Ann Tolman said...

Our stake just had a "Preparedness Fair" last night. It was so good. We had alot of great ideas. Uncle John is going to try to make a hand pump for our well in case we have a storm again that leaves us without power. Glad everything worked out ok for you guys!

Diana and Derek said...

Thirty gallons of water?!!! Buck up Johnsons. You need at least 100 for your family of three. I am so glad nothing bad happened. All that water has to be helping the drought in the south. Those muffins look fabulous.


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