Friday, September 12, 2008

Summer is coming to a close.

Although we will continue to come to the beach as often as possible we may not be as willing to get in the water when it cools next month. So to say good by to SUMMER and welcome to AUTUMN we spent some extra time at the beach!

Darren and Nick catching a small wave. There where much better.
Our little spot on the beach:)
Beach football!

Beautiful blue sky's and warm clear water!Me in my Hapari suit.


Liz said...

I was cleaning the garage out in preparation to our move and I cam upon tons of beach toys that have only been used maybe once since moving to Texas. I was so sad to think that we will be even further from the beach moving to Indianapolis. Needless to say I don't think the beach toys will be making the trip with us. Maybe someday we will live close to the beach like you. By the way, I love you suit.

L Johnson said...

What about the lake's? You may want to rethink getting rid of those sand toy's! Thank's me too:) I am the Hapari rep for South Carolina, know anyone who needs to buy some really cute swim wear?

Watson Ink. said...

Chris and I were just talking about how the weather is changing. I love the cold, but I will miss the beach. We're taking our last trip this weekend. So fun!

Shannon said...

SUPER CUTE SUIT!! I love that you guys are always at the Beach... What a life!

Mason & Laura said...

that is so funny because I came on here to comment about how cute your suit is--but it looks like everyone else already did! Adorable!


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