Friday, April 25, 2008

Grilled Burgers

Today was gorgeous so we decided to have grilled burgers for lunch.
Just in case the surf is good this afternoon. So we won't be hungry!

Darren makes delicious burgers!

Time to eat!


Idaho Penningtons said...

Looks like you were serving an army! Looks yummy big brother!!!

Diana & Derek said...

Seven burgers for one guy? Can you say "quadriple bypass"? Send some our way!

Anonymous said...

We were used to having Garrett at our house!!! Come visit and we will make some for you:) We use homegrown lean beef no added garbage in our burgers!!

Liz said...

I am drooling!!! Since coming back from China I have been craving a big juicy burger.

Shannon said...

YUMMY!! I may be BBQ'ing tonight, looks good!
I love your kitchen, it's gorgeous!
Folly Beach looks so fun, are you guys really that close that you go to the beach Daily??!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, we are close enough to go daily if the conditions are right:)
Thanks, we like our kitchen, of course we are always thinking of ways to remodel:)


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