Thursday, April 24, 2008

Early evening walk on the Folly Pier

Folly beach
Charleston, South Carolina
April 24th 2008

The Folly beach pier has been closed all winter for renovations.
It has been open about a month now and is open late for the rest of the season!

The pier is a nice long and wide pier with lots of fishing benches and a 2 story gazebo that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. A shop and Restaurant are located on each side of the entrance with a Holiday Inn right next door with pier and Ocean views.

Looking North up Folly beach toward Charleston bay and Morris Head light house.

It was a bit breezy, a nice, not cold breeze!

"The waves are not to big, some nice sets coming in though."

"We should have brought the boards with us."

Most of these guys were wearing wetsuits, but there were a few out with Boardshorts only.

On our way home we stopped at FireHouse Subs for dinner. We had heard that they make great Subs. We liked ours We all had the New York Steamer. If you don't have one near you here is their web Addy.


Idaho Penningtons said...

oh - I miss the beach! I love the beach!! Why do I live in Alaska - we had snow again this morning - just flurries but snow non the less!!!!

Liz said...

You guys have Fire House Subs there? We have them here as well and we have been eating them since we moved here. It is about a minutes drive from our house and on the way home from work for Joe. I often have him grab subs if I have had a day where I feel I can't handle the stress of making dinner. The New York Steamer is the way to go. Yummmy!!!! Ohh, and the kids meals come with a firemans hat and oreo cookies. The hats were a hit with the boys the first few times we ate there.

Anonymous said...

It's in North Charleston, not as convenient as yours. Maybe they will build in Summerville soon. When you come we will go though:)

Blake said...

I want to live with you guys.

Anonymous said...

O.K. Then we could have a sweet birthday celebration!!!!


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