Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July with the Wheelers!

A friendly game of horse in the driveway!

Victor and Rachel blew bubbles in the backyard, Rusty and Kirra loved that!

Rachel & Samantha taking good care of Rusty and Kirra!

Victor wanted to play catch with Uncle Darren and his Dad, even if the ball was a little bit harder than a nerf. Ben skate boarding through the action.

After Darren BBQed some yummy hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner, the fun started. They could not wait until it got dark!

Victor was not to sure he really liked having fire so close to himself.

We had a great night, there were fireworks going off all around our neighborhood and town. We loved it that Greg and Jessica came to be with us this year! We can not wait for the 4th next year! Happy Independance Day!


Shannon said...

Oh how fun that Greg and his Family were visiting!
The fireworks look so fun, and i am sure you had the best ones in the neighborhood with all those boys living with you!

Arianna Riordan said...

Love the bubble picks Laurel ! Do your dogs try to eat them? It looks like it was a beautiful day there and you all have a great time.

Shannon said...

K...Seriously BENJAMIN (Dream lane) Rachel and i are getting mad that you have commented on Other Blogs... AKA Riordons! Start commenting on OURS BUDDY!!!! (jackie is accusing us of Stalking, but we like to call it Investigating.....We need MORE INFO!! Rachel heard it at a wedding in Oregon, not fun to hear it from other people. ;)
Check out our blogs and COMMENT!
Love you!


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