Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day 2007

Darren recieved a new Ferrari to add to his growing collection, this one requires a bit of assembly!
A friendly arm wrestling contest. And the winner was Da---Ben! He is very strong he works out with free weights!
The boys were playing in the music room and I was taking their pictures, Darren was watching T.V. so I thought I was safe. I was messing around with Ben's mic. He took this picture after he informed Darren to come see.

Ben lead vocals

Aaron lead guitar.

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Jackie said...

Looks like a fun father's day:D! If you want to deliver a message to Ben for me, tell him that another counselor and I were talking and she had a cousin that got home from the Roseville CA mission on the same day.... I'm assuming Ben will know him, His name is Elder Piper? Anyways, I really looking forward to seeing you guys in July!!:D

Shannon said...

Hey Boston has the Lego Ferrari car too!
Looks like a fun Fathers Day! I would love to hear some of your stuff guys! Send some my Way!!

Terry & Madge said...

Hi, great pictures, thanks. We are back up and running on our blogspot. Check out the water feature.


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