Friday, July 06, 2007

Beautiful Day on the Atlantic

Darren told the Cunningham girls that he would teach them how to surf. So today was the perfect day to learn. The sunn was hot the water was so nice and warm. The waves were small and everyone had some free time to go.

Kamilla starting to get the hang of it, this really was her first time out on a board!

Allie and Kamilla up on the same wave, Allie bailed out though.

Jessa surfing in on the tiniest wave, she and the board weigh less than 80 pds. She got the hang of surfing really fast and even walked the board. You go girl!

Yep thats me, I put my camera away so I could attempt to surf. Someone found it and caught me in the water. (Aaron)

The whole Johnson Family in the Surf of the Atlantic Ocean:)

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BenjaminLane said...

I'm pretty sure we are the coolest family ever... I mean... look at us surfing those huge waves!

Shannon said...

You guys are so COOL! Laurel i am so impressed with your surfing Skills! Hey if those girls can do it, I CAN! I want to surf when we come out there k!!!!
Ben, I love your comments cutie! Keep it up, actually why don't you get a Blog, so we can see what your up to!!

Idaho Penningtons said...

What fun! We are so sad you guys aren't coming! We needed Darren to give us some pointers on surfing behind a boat! Also we are a little jealous you all are surfing with other girls that aren't us!!!! Have we been replaced as the Uncle Darrens girls!!!!

Ma & Pa Johnson said...

Hey, looks like lots of fun. We sure would like to join you but you know how it is. we are sad that we will not see you at the Idaho Penningtons, but we understand. Thanks much for your comments and the phone call. We love and miss you.


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