Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yep.....another day at the beach...go figure

Darren went in the water first and came back, he forgot to take off his sunglasses. He told everyone that the water was freezing. They believed him for half a second and then started laughing at was 75-78 degrees and they surfed for 2 1/2hrs. They would have stayed in longer but I was running out of beach as the tide was coming in and the sun was setting! We would love to put your picture here, when are you coming?

Aaron couldn't believe how warm the water was, he said "why didn't we move here sooner?"

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Diana & Derek said...

Warm water is for babies!! Come and do some real "man" surfing in the Pacific!

Jackie said...

That's right... warm water is for you babies in the Carolinas and Californias... We went wake boarding and tubing and the water was only like 60 degrees... it doesn't hurt so bad after you go numb!:D

Darren Johnson said...

We surfed No Cal and Southern Oregon water for many years and it averaged 45-50 all year long so we paid our dues surfing cold water and now we get to surf in very nice water temps year around and we LOVE IT! Oh.......and by the way, I was wrong on the temp of the water. I actually checked it yeasterday and it was 80 degrees not 75-78 this day that we went and it was 80-81 yeasterday so you guys just have all the fun you want in your cold water........We will never surf cold water again, We have been reborn and see the light:D

Idaho Penningtons said...

Who is this Aaron? I want to surf in 80 degrees- I would even take the air to be 80 degrees! I've paid my dues! I live in Northen Idaho for heavens sake - my turn for nice weather! I was before you in line - you must have cut!

Joe said...

I grew up in So Cal where it was colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. The problem was that the waves came in the winter and it was flat all summer. I always thought surfing in good waves and warm water is what's supposed to happen in heaven.

Really, Darren, 80 degree water is killer, but can you really call those things waves??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Aaron is Ben's friend from Grants Pass. He is Aaron Rogers, he left to go on his mission the same day as Ben. He is here working with Darren and Ben.


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