Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Darren's Birthday

Today is Darren's birthday!
Can you guess how OLD he is?

I wonder what is in those packages?
A Ferrari, an exotic car book, golf tees and a really cool laser carved glass block.
The ferrari did not come with keys :(
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It did come with directions for assembly!
We had some yummy Chocolate trufle cake after eating dinner at California Dreamin' on the Charleston Harbor!


Shannon said...

NO KEYS!! When are you going to get that car?
It looks like you guys had so much fun in Myrtle Beach with Mom and Joe! I love the Picture of you and Ben Laurel!

Joe said...

Happy Birthday Darren--we called and had the boys sing on your voicemail. Wish we could have been there at dinner.

Darren Johnson said...

Thanks Shannon for the birthday spot on your blog! Don't worry, soon I will get the car of my dreams. Working on its bedroom right now, it will need a nice place to sleep at night:)

Thanks for the Birthday wish Joe. I did get the message with the boys singing it was awesome! I loved it!

Diana & Derek said...

Happy Birthday! I am sorry we do not live close enough to get together. We really enjoyed seeing you all in Tennessee. We need Ben and Nick to visit us this summer. We promise they will have fun. We would looove to have You and Laurel, but I know you two are tired of traveling.

Idaho Penningtons said...

It is incredible that you are still alive! You are so old my brother!!!! I wish you would have invited me to your party - I would have got you a real ferarri!

Darren Johnson said...

Red Please!

Shannon said...

hey darren you need to make a trip out here to Utah to test drive Geoff's RED ferrari! he now has 2!
We are missing you guys!!!!!!

The Davila Family said...

Happy Late birhtday Darren. I sent you a text on your birthday, I hope you got it. I sure miss seeing you guys, and enjoyed it when you were here last. Hope to see you again. I love you big brother.


Darren Johnson said...

Yeah....I got your birthday wish via text message, Thank you :D

Geoff got another one!? Sweeeeeeet!


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