Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Getting Ready For the Hurricane Season

This Morning the boys went and helped a family they Home Teach get there gutters cleaned out. When they returned Darren and Ben got up on our roof and cleaned off the roof, the gutters and washed the sky light!
All the pollen is gone now and with a clean sky light I can tell if it is clear or overcast in the morning:)
The pine tree in the background is over 50ft tall. Ben is standing on the roof on the front of the house.


Idaho Penningtons said...

Hey Darren- You missed a spot! ps I like my picture in the living room crooked! Other wise we would be perfect and translated.

Darren Johnson said...

Rachel - I see you got my message from Jackie, haha. I can't help it sometimes I do pay attention to detail and it was way crooked! :D Don't make me come out there and fix it for you!


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