Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Update

I have finally done a bit of sewing! 
As you know our Missionary is coming home.
That meant I needed to move all my sewing supplies out of his room.
Here is his bed with two new pillows sewn just for him;)

I didn't make the quilt, shame on me.
This was my first try at a neck roll pillow, I thought it was easy and plan to make more in the future.
Don't you just love making matching buttons! 
I made a square pillow with one side textured and one side smooth, that way both sides are useful.
There are only 5 more sleeps until this bed will be unmade!


Leslie Cosgriff McKinney said...

I love the pillows...and am LOL-ing at the fact that you are a bit sheepish about not making the quilt too! You are amazing! :)

L Johnson said...

Thanks Leslie;)

Karen said...

I love it. Both the pillows and that your boy is coming home. Congrats!!


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