Saturday, September 03, 2011

Are you prepared?

As you may know if you live in the South or on the East Coast HuRRicane season is in full effect! 
What are you doing to be prepared?
We have 72hr kits but I always wonder if I have everything I need or would want in them.
I would love to hear what some of you who have had to use yours wish you would have had in them.
We are now keeping our eye on Katia. The remnants of Lee should bring us some rain later this week, we need it so no big issues there.


Idaho Penningtons said...

OK but we are having some great weather! I guess I have to decide if I would rather have hurricanes or snow! hahaha

Diana and Derek said...

What about earthquakes, wildfires, dust storms, santa anna winds, etc? California, is crazy! We bought a water purifier that can be used for almost all water sources. I did not think we would be able to carry enough water. This was when the children were much smaller. Water is so heavy.

Anonymous said...

Diana, I have been wondering if I should invest in one for the exact same reason. Water is heavy and darn it you can not rehydrate it;)

Diana and Derek said...

Our water filtration unit does not filter sea water, but all other sources. It does not take up much space and fits very nicely in our 72 hour kits. I think I am going to get one or two of those water bottle ones too.

Anonymous said...

What brand is yours and where did you get it?

Diana and Derek said...

I bought it through emergency essentials. They usually have some sort of filter on sale. I do not remember the name, and I have never used it. I hope to never have to!

Anonymous said...



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