Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Update

Happy spring! 
 I hope that you are starting to feel like it is spring where you live.
 I have been enjoying being out side working in my new garden areas. 
Tomato's & Peppers
There is still lot's more work to be done and the weather is just right to be spending time out doors.
We are planning on painting the lattice a redwood color and the rest will be white to match the existing trim. We reseeded the lawn and it is starting to sprout. We are expecting some rain early next week so that should give everything a good soaking.

I have finally finished my I-Spy quilt top and back after a miner adjustment.
Binding fabric
I am thinking about having it professionally quilted. Stay tuned to find out what I decide.


Idaho Penningtons said...

Your quilt is so cute!! I just took a class to use the quilting machine and now I can rent it and do my own quilts! I bet they have a place like that there! Also we just had snow today so I guess we will wait another month to plant the garden! UGH!

Cassy said...

Your quilt looks amazing!

Karen said...

Oh, I love the quilt. So, so fun. I love your garden too. I am loving seeing spring.

Diana and Derek said...

The only way I know how to quilt is to tie. However, when we lived in TN I did sit in on some hand quilting sessions. My stitches never looked as good as the other ladies. Did you do any of those quilting sessions in Memphis?
Your quilt is darling. You did a great job.

L Johnson said...

Thank you for the compliments on the quilt and garden. Rachel I have never heard anything about renting a quilting machine. Sounds interesting, I will have to see if there is one available in my area.

Shannon said...

wow, girl you are one amazing domestic momma!! i would love to do a sisters trip and quilt all weekend long!!! maybe must you, me , cassy and rachel would be interested! haha


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