Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thursday Update

It's not officially Spring yet but it is starting to feel like spring here in the Low Country!
I finally stopped in at a local thrift store last week and after looking around found the fabric hidden under some hanging sheets and table cloths. I scored 3 bags at 1.99 each. Here are some of the things I found inside.

These are a few of my favorites. I had to wash them and air them out, outside because whoever owned them stored them with moth balls! 
I finished sewing my I-SPY quilt top and took a picture to show you but having trouble getting it and blogger to get along. Any way I thought it would be fun to embroider Bennett's name on his bug book.
For those who have been following the progress of the Brick Oven and outdoor project, here is a picture of the sealed cement counter top. It took hours of hard work but it is fantastic! Now the oven dome is being built. I need to take more pictures.


Cassy said...

I love thrifting! What a fun find! And the countertops look great!

Karen said...

Never thought of a thrift store for fabric. I may have to try. I can't wait to see your finished outdoor project. It will be amazing.

Diana and Derek said...

Y'all sure are busy. Nice work all the way around. Bennett is going to love his colorful book,

Liz said...

I wish we had good thrift stores around here. Have fun with that fabric and with your soon to be finished outdoor area.


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