Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Update

It is mighty hot here in Summerville but we do enjoy the wonderful afternoon storms that keep everything so lush and green!
This Dragon Fly is a resident here in our yard. He is quite large, sorry I did not get a better picture so you can see the beautiful gold colors he is. I only had my iPhone with me that morning.

So here it is the finished skirt. I love the pattern it is very easy to follow and it goes together quick. Now that I have made one I have already picked out some more fabric for another. I have a few kinks to workout to make my next one even better. They were my kinks not the patterns. Oh there is a zipper in back and I did all right but hope to do even better this time! I would share the fabric with you but I already put it in the washer;0)

This was a project that my hubby requested it is the theme of the new bishopric. It will have a home in a silver frame. I will try to get a picture after it has been framed.
I hope you all have fun staying cool this last week of July!


Jess said...

great skirt! i wish our walmart still had it's fabric section! can't wait to see your ispy quilt! that's on my list for someday!

Cassy said...

Love the motto! That needs to be the theme in my house :)

John and Ann Tolman said...

Love the "theme" quilt, great idea for a new Bishopric. Have a great rest of July!


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