Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Update

Yellow squash blossoms right after rain!
Well here it is Thursday once again. A trip to the dentist for routine cleaning this morning ended up not being so routine after all. I have a large area of decay caused by a naughty late coming wisdom tooth and  it must be removed along with the decayed molar! I am still awaiting the final cost to me before making my appointment. Normally if your wisdom teeth have not come in before your fourth decade they stay put. Not so with me. Motrin (Surgeon recommended)may be my best friend for the next few weeks unless I can continue to grin and bear it. I will try my best!

Working on a new skirt, pattern from simplicity and fabric from Wal-Mart ($1.50yd)

Started collecting some fabrics to use for an I-spy quilt.
Bee's, gifts, tractors, cowboy's, dancing pigs, mittens and roosters. I need to find 3 more fabrics with interesting objects and then I will be ready to quilt along.


Kayleigh said...

cute skirt!

karen said...

I am so sad to here about your teeth. I hate teeth problems. This one sounds nasty. Feel better soon.

Diana and Derek said...

What a bummer! Wisdom teeth problems in your 40's?!
I love seeing your projects. You are so creative.

Moscow Monson's said...

I can not wait to see the I Spy Quilt that sounds like such a cute idea!!

Cassy said...

Can't wait for the I Spy quilt!! What a cute idea!!


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