Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Update (Last one for June)

Well today is already the last Thursday this Month. In one week it will be July. So here is the progress update for my little garden.
Zucchini sprouts

Outside Tomatoes, Yellow squash, cilantro and chives.

I tried an overlock stitch using white and red thread. It was much quicker then the hand stitching.
Although not as dimensional I like the time saving element of doing it this way.

Have a wonderful week!


Diana and Derek said...

Our garden is doing well, when we can keep the critters out! They have eaten all of my peas and the watermelons can't get a good start without being eaten. The pumpkins, tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers all do fine.

Liz said...

Our tomatoes got blown over by the very hard winds today. I hope your tomatoes are doing better. I like the overlock stitch I have finished several blankets that way, I like to do the contrasting colors.

a little bit biased said...

Great garden photos and your beach pictures (below) look so fun!! You've got a new look to your blog since I was here looks great!


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