Friday, June 11, 2010

Girls Camp 2010!

I was asked to take a group picture at girls camp this year and was going to spend the first Night. Turns out that I ended up volunteering too stay the entire week. I know crazy huh! I really did enjoy being with the beautiful and sweet girls from our stake (Charleston, SC) They were energetic and happy everyday, even though the camp pool was rarely available to cool down in ( that is another story to long to tell).
Group Picture

Mt. Pleasent & George Town
Charleston 1st



Monks Corner

North Charleston

Early Morning Testimony Mtg.


Candice and Nathan said...

Oakbrook girls are awesome! Looks like they had fun.

Diana and Derek said...

What a woman! Great pictures. How nice of you to stay the whole week.

Liz said...

Good job. What ward are you? It looks like the Summerville group is way bigger than the others.

Anonymous said...

My ward is Oakbrook :0)


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