Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland for today!

So Darren pulled in around 12:45 PM safe and sound. Yes I was still awake. He left to drop a few of the boy's off so the parents did not have to drive in the snow. The electricity went off for the second time and I was not sure if he would be able to get back in. Turns out he left the garage door opened but that meant he had to unhook it from the opener to close it. So around 1:30AM he came upstairs and fell into bed. I woke up this morning around 5:30 and realized that sometime during the night the electricity had gone back on, I turned off a light or two we forgot about and stopped the alarm time from blinking. I looked out the window and could see that everything was blanketed in snow!!! It was cold and so I got right back under my warm blankets until 7:30 when Ben and Jacquie showed up at our door:) We watched Rusty and Kirra slide down the front stairs as they attempted to go explore the white wonderland. I threw a few snow balls at Ben and Darren after Jacquie left for work. We then made a huge snowman snowbear, my camera battery died so I will have to get a picture from Ben.
Here are a few more pictures of our southern style Winter Wonderland.

Jacquie on her way to work.
Fresh snow
Can you find Rusty in the snow covered woods? Rusty and Kirra checking out the snow!
Our home covered in snow, the palms don't look very tropical with snow weighing them down.

Thanks for looking at all my pictures. Maybe in another 20 years I will have a new snow post to share. 


Jennifer said...

I was wondering how much snow you would get when we were seeing all of the snow in the forecast for SC. Rusty and Kirra seemed to enjoy the snow. Brinkley hated the snow when it snowed here. I hope your palm trees survive. Hopefully we can all get back to the warmer weather. Until then, I guess we can get some pretty snow pictures.

John and Ann Tolman said...

I do not like it when the electricity is off...too cold! Guess you will have a "white" Valentines Day instead of Christmas...oh well...enjoy it!

Liz said...

It just doesn't look right to see snow on palm trees. Glad you are all safe.

Summer Carlile said...

That is so fun that you guys got snow!

Summer Carlile said...

That is so fun that you guys got snow!


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