Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Update (Last one for January)

I am going to start todays update with a little blurb on our Dinner last night. Darren was in the kitchen again and he did a fantastic job! We were treated to Steak and Lobster with a homemade tomato soup with succotash. I have never eaten succotash that I can remember and I am not sure why because it was delish!

I have mainly been working on my New Beginnings projects this week and they are coming along.
Here are a few pictures.

These are the Buttons that will go on the flowers that I am making to adorn the girl's bags to hold their New Personal Progress Books, Journals & Calender.

Lots of pink circles...

All cut and pressed ready to be sewn.

And last of all a picture of me wearing my finished skirt. I found the shoes at KRS for $5.00 not to shabby wouldn't you say? Well until next week Happy creating to you all!!


karen said...

Loving all the cooking Darren has been doing. Very impressed. Love the skirt and shoes.5 dollars! Awesome. Have a great week.

John and Ann Tolman said...

I asked Uncle John if I bought him a hat and outfit like Darren's would he cook for me...he just laughs!

Diana and Derek said...

I am very impressed with you two.

Summer Carlile said...

You guys are so talented, I want to try Darren's cooking sometime!

Watson Ink. said...

Can Darren come to our house? haha!

Fresh Poppy Sisters said... I am hungry and it is only 8 am! cute skirt!

Liz said...

The skirt looks cute on. The skirt I just finished is too tight. Time for me to shed some pounds.


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