Thursday, November 05, 2009

My cute little crafter!!

I heard some noise coming from Nicks room just down the hall so I peaked in and this is what i found. My Sweetie is so talented and I think she loves her new sewing room :) Now i don't have to walk all the way upstairs to pester her, she is just down the hall :))

Sorry they are a little blurry I took these with my IPhone.


Watson Ink. said...

Darren, you are so cute!

John and Ann Tolman said...

Hey! I just found out a young man that Jordan knows used to be from our stake (is now from Yuba City Stake)name is Stefan Mc Bride is going to the Portland, Oregon Mission and will go into the MTC Nov 11th. Bet he runs into Elder Johnson while there!

Diana and Derek said...

That looks like a nice machine. I hope we see that fall craft Laurel is working on.

Esther Attridge said...

you really are so talented Laurel! I love seeing your creations :)


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