Friday, September 04, 2009

Football Friday!

Tonight we attended the Fort Dorchester High School home game. They played Irmo and beat them 19-13.
#62 Ryan Branham (photo by Darren)
There were a lot of friends and family cheering Ryan and Thomas on!!
#64 Thomas Woods

I did the best I could from so far away without a tripod and a super tela-zoom!


karen said...

I see it os football season there too. Ahhhh. These are the days. Have a great weekend!

Cami said...

How fun! I miss going to football games. In High School, I was in the band and HAD to go to every game, but now that I'm older. . . I miss it! I'm trying to get Lamoni to take me to a local HS game here. . . great pictures! Fun Fun Fun!


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