Monday, September 28, 2009

Day in Provo!

To celebrate Jills big 40 we took her to lunch at this fantastic restaurant that is one of her favorites in Provo. It is the Happy Sumo they have the most amazing sushi!

Nick & Shannon

After that yummy lunch and a stop at Rocky Mountain Chocolate we met up with Hannah at the "Y". We have known her since she was 3 and she is like family so we thought it would be fun if she got to know some of the rest of the family!
Playing pool at Shannon's

Darren giving Hannah some pool playing tip's!


jess said...

yum! i soo miss the happy sumo. i used to work nearby and we'd get it for lunch once a month. so delicious!

karen said...

Looks like fun. I have enjoyed seeing pic's of all the Johnsons. How is life without Nick? Must be a little lonely.


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