Thursday, July 09, 2009

And They are off!

This morning Darren and I ran around purchasing the food and drinks for the Oakbrook Priest High Adventure. They are traveling about 4 hours west to the Smokey Mountains in TN. Where they will hike, camp and river raft for the next 3 day's. I hope they remember to take a few pictures during all the adventures they have so I can post some in a few days.

Thomas unloading his RED truck.

Today is Chris's B-day!!!
A little frisbee while loading is always fun!

The White Brothers

Josh Wiggins
Being cool on Thomas's RED truck
Checking phone numbers and phones before hitting the road.
This will be Nick's last High Adventure as a priest.
And they're off! Have fun Boys!!


Liz said...

Sounds fun. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Shannon said...

Oh how fun, sometimes I wish i could go on a High priest Adventure. How fun!


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