Monday, January 05, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I have made 9 resolutions for myself for this year 2009. I am blogging them just in case I forget what they are, my memory is not what it used to be. Darren will be the first to tell you that. So here they are.

1. Pray daily
2. Read the Book of Mormon at least 5 min. each day
3. Smile everyday

Those were a challenge given to the youth and their leaders by the General Young Women and Young Men presidents. See A Brand New Year video in side bar.

4. Make bed everyday
5. Plan and prepare more healthy meals
6. Scrapbook more often so I can get some of the boxes out of my closet!
7. Go to the dentist (this will be my hardest one)
8. Be more in tune to the promptings of the spirit.
9. Last and most fun Make big breakfasts with my family on Sunday mornings. (We are the late block)

Here are a few pictures from around our home this year as we have been doing some clean up and rearranging.

We wish you the very best during 2009!


Summer Carlile said...

Your house is beautiful!

karen said...

Go to the dentist?!? I am so right there with you. It is the worse! Love all the other goals. I will miss our big breakfasts over here. We are going early!! Love the pictures of your home. It's just beautiful! Happy New Year.

Watson Ink. said...

I'm stealing your dentist resolution too! I need to get my teeth fixed so bad! Ah! Beautiful piano.

Cami said...

I like your idea of blogging the resolutions as not to forget. . . I just might have to swap your idea. Your house is beautiful! Happy New Year!

Idaho Penningtons said...

We don't believe in improving ourselves we feel we are perfect just the way we are! hehehehe I know you thought for a minute I was Darren!

John and Ann Tolman said...

What the heck...did I see Darren cleaning & organizing??? He needs to give a hint to Uncle John. As far as the dentist goes...I work with one Mon-Thurs 8 hours a day!!!It really is important, we have had people come in for cleanings that need operations and their doctors will not operate until all plaque is removed. Good luck on your great goals for 2009!!

Shannon said...

I LOVE THE DENTIST!! How do you hate going there!
Great New years Resolutions, we are doing ours tonight for family night.
I have a few in mind.

Diana and Derek said...

I enjoyed the pictures. Good luck with the dentist. The second coming will be here if you get Darren to go too.


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