Saturday, January 17, 2009

Game Nights!

This has been happening almost every night at our house since Ben and Jacquie came back from Oregon. It is not alway Catan, sometimes it's yahtzee or Hearts, but mostly Catan.
Setting up the gameboard. In this game the board changes each game that you play.

The thief in the desert.

On your turn you must roll the dice and collect your cards, buy or trade.

This is the white players building cost card. You can build roads, settlements and city's. You can also buy development cards.

You may not want to hang on to more then 7 cards at a time or the thief may steal half of them.

Looks like a good collection, where are your sheep?


Idaho Penningtons said...

You crazy Johnsons! Looks like fun!

karen said...

We love Settlers of Catan too! We spend lots of time playing that. Your family looks like they are a lot of fun!

Esther Attridge said...

Dang - I wish we could come over and play. Playing games Sundy night is probably my favorite thing to do - it's a little more difficult when there's just two of us!

Shannon said...

I love Catan!! Out here we have the game "Settlers of Zarahemla" It is just the same way, but i think we have Water and Settlers of Catan doesn't! I can't remember!
Love games though, so so fun!


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