Friday, June 06, 2008

Broken and Dislocated Finger

Well the verdict is in and the finger is fractured, there are bone fragments in places they shouldn't be and the finger was badly dislocated. The Sports Doc numbed it and put it back in place. He wants him back in on Thur. to see the ortho hand specialist to talk about surgery. This seems to be our year for visits to the doctors, can our year be over now?


Elisa Wright said...

wow. Well I feeeeel so bad for him. This should teach him not to be so careless with throwing up that finger... haha jk; But I hope they give him great meds and he will be well on his way to recovery. Feel better! Love you guys!

Shannon said...

What happened??!! Poor Baby, just give him his puppy and the Remote and he should be so happy! haha

Laurel are you In YW's and a Seminary teacher?
Congratulations To NICK For Graduating! Woo HOO!!!
I missed quite a bit of excitement while we were gone! haha

Liz said...

Bummer! I hope that Darrens finger heals okay and that the rest of your year is smooth sailing. Doctors visits are no fun.

Garrett said...

Dear Darren,
I am sorry I was not there to help the doctor pull that finger back in place. Diana

jaime said...

No, you have to suffer through this year just like everyone else! I hope it gets better for you guys. You really have had it pretty rough... but nothing a few reeser cookies couldn't fix :)

Watson Ink. said...

Ouch! Your year for doctors and it's only June! I guess that's what happens when you're surrounded by boys!

Buell Fam said...

That sounds extremely painful. How did he do it. I hope his finger heals soon!


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