Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bishop's BBQ

Each Year Bishop Cunningham BBQ's for all his Seminary students who memorize all 25 scripture Mastery scriptures for the year!
All the Leaders and guys supervising the Bishop while he grills, Steak, hamburgers and hot dogs. Sister Cunningham made wonderful salads. Ice Cream with toppings was for desert.


Diana & Derek said...

It looks like Darren's eating habits have not been affected by his finger!!

karen said...

So sad about the broken finger! How fun to BBQ. I can't beleive you are in YW too. What a small world.

Liz said...

I love eating food from a backyard BBQ especially when someone else is doing the grilling. I'm assuming Nick learned all the scripture mastery scriptures and that is why he was there. Good job Nick!!

Elisa Wright said...

Yup. That was a funnn day!!!! But you only took pictures of the priesthood outside, you forgot to mention that the womenfolk slaved away in the kitchen for hours... haha jk. only like 20 mins.


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