Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The first Wednesday of each month this year I am going to a cooking enrichment group. This month we learned how to make Sushi. Don't worry we did not use any raw meat. There is a Japanese secret to making the Sushi Rice. I will tell you if you would like to try and make a Sushi roll yourself:)


Shannon said...

TELL ME!! I love it, that looks so yummy, i have always wanted to learn to make sushi...My whole family LOVES it...Especially Cory!

Liz said...

We LOVE Sushi, even the boys like it. We are big fans of the raw sushi. We went to dinner Friday night and ordered a roll with crab and salmon. It was soooo yummy. I keep thinking that I should learn to roll sushi but then, would it taste as good after all the work and effort to make it. I think I enjoy someone making it for me.

Cami Rae said...

Looks yummy! Hey, saw that you're a Stampin' UP lady!?! I'm interested! got any good stuff?


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