Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brendan Russell's Eagle Project!

What better thing to do on a cloudy Saturday Morning!

Brendan designed a bicycle rack for his neighborhood pool.

Nick and Garrett were very good at filing all the post ends smooth.

Of course Darren was, Darren the Tool-Time Tool Man!!!!!!!

A little fun while waiting for some Galvanised elbows to arrive!

Don't worry Garrett was not running away he was running back to the house for a file, so he could smooth some of the new rough edges. After everything was cemented in place the project was mostly finished. We cleaned up and drove home, emptied the back of the truck and did a Taco Bell run for a late lunch:)


Idaho Penningtons said...

That is a great eagle project!! I need a bike rack for my house!!

Savannah said...

Mom thats a good idea! Good job you little worker bees!! I love you guys!

Diana & Derek said...

What a great group of Johnson's. I bet they were thrilled when so many hard workers showed up

Watson Ink. said...

Look at all those men and their tools. I bet the air was thick with testosterone. hehe.


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