Monday, February 11, 2008

A beautiful Saturday drive around Charleston SC

After attending the General Leadership Broadcast we stopped at our favorite Mexican/American fast food resaurant and ordered some lunch to go. If you know us than you know what that is. After we ate at home. Darren decided it was a perfect day to take the Ferrari for a ride. I grabbed my Italian Tennies and my Camera and ran out to go wih him! It was a beautiful day and we loved going to the Coast with the fresh air and sunshine all around us! Here are some pictures of our ride.

Here is a short video clip with portions of our drive

Aren't we soooo cute?

Parked at famous surf spot "The Washout" at Folly Beach

Fueling up at a BP station on Isle of Palms


Diana & Derek said...

You guys are too cool for us.

Watson Ink. said...

So cute! Looks like an awesome drive!

Liz said...

Joey was very excited to see a picture of Uncle Darrens cool car. Joey said, "It's even red." So, I guess red would be his pick. Isn't that the color that sports cars should be?

Looks like you had fun and the weather was beautiful.

Savannah said...

Is it that warm??? Oh my goodness!!!!!!!

Cami Rae said...

You guys are so awesome!! Congrats on the car - Lamoni was excited for you. We'll have to keep in touch again! our blog is lamocami at the same blogspot as you. Later!

Shannon said...

FUN FUN FUN! It looks beautiful there! I love the picture of the Ferrari with the Beach in the background. I can't believe it is that warm to wear Short sleeved shirts!!!!

Idaho Penningtons said...

Just looks like a shiny red car to me! But if it was surrounded by white snow - then that would really be something! hahahahaha Looks fun! You guys are really something!


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