Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning

It was one of Ben's requests that we keep with tradition this year because he missed the last 2 Christmas's at home. So we have this little tradition that we have done for at least 17 years. After we read the account of the first Christmas we have Family Prayer and say our Good Nights. Mom turns off the lights around the house and puts a chair or two in the hall so no boy will be tempted to sneak into the living room where Santa has left their gifts. Because Santa always sets the gifts and full stockings out on one of the couches or chairs.

When Mom and Dad finally wake up, Dad always checks to see if Santa came. He then goes in to wake up the boys, and every year this is what he say's," I have some bad news" They alway respond with a "What" and he says, " Santa did not come this year!" and after a few oh no's a "just kidding, I did see some coal in your stocking though." Some times this is short lived sometimes a little longer depending on how awake they are.

This year was especially fun as the boys are so grown up and wanted to play along with the tradition. They even said that they would like to carry this tradition on after they leave home. So I think we should give it an official name.
The Christmas Chair Tradition.

This is a cute Christmas chair


Liz said...

I love traditions. I hope that my kids like yours will want to carry the traditions that we have for our family on to their own. That is a cute chair.

Anonymous said...

I thought the chair was cute too, although it is not the chair we use. We never even thought of buying a special chair. We just what we have.

Shannon said...

Such a Cute Tradition! I love that chair too!
How funny that the boys all grown up want to keep that going, i love it!
It's total Memories!!


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