Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jacquie comes to meet us:)

The day after Christmas we had a special visitor come to visit us. She arrived at the Charleston airport around 1o:30pm. She had a long day of travel. We visited until about mid-night and then we headed of to get some sleep. We had a lot planned for the next few days.


Well it's official, this morning Jacquie is wearing an engagement ring! We didn't witness it, but where told he got on his knee, with a little persuasion, non the less they are both happily engaged. We are super happy for them! We love Jacquie too!

After a nice breakfast made by Darren we decided to head for the beach, no swimwear today its a bit chilly for the water. After a stop at on the Isle of Palms and a walk on the beach we headed across the beautiful new Ravenel bridge that crosses the Cooper River.

Walking out of the parking garage downtown Charleston.

A beautiful day for a walk in Riverfront park .

We walked through the market place on Market street downtown and ate lunch at Bubba Gumps. After lunch on our way back to Summerville we stop on Daniels Island and looked at some homes that were having open houses. They were on the Golf Course and were really pretty. We like looking at homes. It's something we have enjoyed doing since the veryfirst year we were married. We made reservations for dinner at a local resteraunt in Summerville, Oscars. The kids ate Shrimp & Grits, you will have to ask them next time you see them how they like it. Jacquie and the boys watched a movie, we went to bed.


We ate quik breakfasts and then headed to Folly beach.

We wanted to walk down the Pier, it was closed for renovations. The wind was blowing so it was a bit chilly. Of course we are spoiled and used to nice warm/hot weather! As you can see some of us are in short sleeves and a few are wearing flip flops.

We drove down to the washout and a few brave souls were surfing. We could not walk to the light house the tide was in. So we headed back toward Summerville with a stop at the outlet mall. Lunch at Arbys and we were ready to go home. It was nice at home although the clouds were moving in.

Nick on the BMW Go-Kart racing Darren on the Ferrari Go-Kart.

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Shannon said...

Hey it looks like fall there, not winter. hehe
I am so excited for Ben and Jacquie, she looks so cute and Perfect for Ben!
I am dying to hear how he Proposed...COme on Ben, update your BLog!!
Love you guys!


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