Sunday, December 10, 2006

Decorating for Christmas 2006

Darren rented a Cherry picker yesterday so he could hang the lights on the house. It is much to high for a ladder. I was a little worried when the motor shut off becouse it became unbalanced. He had to wind himself down for a few feet until it became level again. We turned it back on and he came down all the way no problem! It was sunny but very cold for Summerville.

Everyone wants in on the action!

Inspection of the lights before going into the bucket.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh laurel, You are so lucky to have a Husband who WANTS to hang Christmas Lights! I finally got some Trees lit outside, They look Gorgeous too.
I love those Dogs, They are Adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

My brother is so crazy. Love you guys. What adorable puppies.

Watson Ink. said...

Hey I have a website so please register on it. I started it so family can have a place to share pictures and news, even movies. After you register I will need to add you to my user group so you can see our privet forum section. Let me know what you think of it too. Miss you all Chris.

Watson Ink. said...

At fist glans it looks like your grinding something. But then you expand it, your connecting lights.

Joe said...

The lights look great--although I must say that having a cherry picker is cheating a little bit...


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