Sunday, December 11, 2011

Road Trip

Darren and I took a fun road trip down to the Florida Key's!
We left after his last meeting on Tuesday night and drove to Yulee, Florida just past the state line.
After a quick breakfast we drove on to Ft. Lauderdale where we spent the evening and night at Embassy Suites. We enjoyed dinner at Outback Steak and watched the sun go down over the city.
On our way out of town we followed this Rolls Royce a few blocks. ( we are not big fans just fun to see one)
After about 2 hours we were on the Overseas Highway or the southern end of Highway 1. It is a 127.5 mile drive to Key West, but we stopped and checked into the Cheeca Lodge Resort.  Jill, McKay and Tyler met us for lunch on the beach. (Hapari was shooting their new styles for 2012)

After hanging out with the Hapari crew for a while we hit the Hwy for some Key Lime Pie in
Key West! If you like Key Lime Pie you must go to the Key Lime Outlet, it's the green and yellow building on Greene St.

With all the fun activities to do at the Cheeca Lodge Resort we decided to spend the day enjoying some. Breakfast out on the patio and then bicycling around the resort and over to the Moorings Village.
We paddled around the shoreline shooting some of the photo shoots going on, Hapari and Lands End were just a few.

We ate dinner at this great Brazilian House~Braza Lena make sure you are really hungry if you go.
It was time to pack and start heading back. One more stop on the way home, Downtown Disney for some Christmas shopping. We stayed at the Hilton across the street so we could walk. The weather was just perfect for our weekend away!


Idaho Penningtons said...

Wow! Is this a preview of the retired life!!! I want in!

Anonymous said...

Nope, retirement wil be spent serving missions and working in the temple;) This is about taking a vacation!


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