Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A bit of work happened here!

Today was a beautiful fall day in Summerville!
We have been waiting for a day like today to get some painting done outside. Everyone pitched in where they could and a lot got done unfortunately it is not finished yet. 

Darren painted and stained  
Nick pressure washed and painted
Nick's fun new used car.  He is working off his first 6 months of insurance.
Jacquie, Bennett helped me paint too;)


Diana and Derek said...

Cool. Now come to our house, where it is always nice weather and you can help us paint! Family time, yeah!

Karen said...

The weather has been lovely here too. I bet you are loving having your boys around. Good times I'm sure.

Idaho Penningtons said...

You can't paint here cold! But Nick could drive that fancy new car out here and go skiing!!!!


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