Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday Update

August is flying by and so much has taken place this month already!

We enjoyed a visit from Aunt Sally and Uncle Larry. We took them to see some of the sights around the Low Country and of course feed them some home baked Pizza!
Then it was off to San Diego for a wedding!
Lauren & David were married in the beautiful San Diego Temple!
I did not bring a camera (I know huh that is so not like me) So all of these were taken by wonderful members of the extended family!

The bride dancing with Elder Nick Johnson (thanks to uncle Derek making it possible for the missionaries to be their in a Jedi type of way.)
The bridal shower at the Marriott pool deck.
 The beautiful teen cousins!

 Grandma Marlene & Papa Joe.
Darla & Mom

 Elder Taylor Johnson
Elder Nicholas Johnson
Four generations of Johnson boys


John and Ann Tolman said...

Fun to see Uncle Larry & Aunt Sally having so much fun! Looks like you also are enjoying life with weddings and homecomings soon to happen.

QB @ Tales from Domestic Obscurity said...

Jumped over from Mailbox Moments. We were just close to the low country last weekend...staying in Seabrook Island for 4th year. We love that place.


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