Friday, July 08, 2011

In Remembrance

Ellanora Bywater Schneider
January 1 1925-July 8 2011

Grandma Wheeler, Schneider and Martineau
My Maternal Grandma passed away this morning peacefully after some physically uncomfortable trials.
I wish to take this opportunity to relate some of the wonderful memories I have of her.
My Grandmother lost her own mother at the very young age of 2 3/4.
She married my Grandpa on her 18th birthday.
She Gave birth to 7 children 6 girls and 1 boy. Three of her daughters lived less then 40 days ea.
My Grandma lived on a farm in Idaho and I loved going to visit her and play with my two aunts and Uncle who was 2 months younger then me.
I remember going down in the cellar to get some of her delicious home grown and canned dill pickles.
I remember homemade Ice Cream  and watermelon on hot summer afternoons out side on the cool back lawn. I remember going to town with Grandma and Mom to the grocery. When I got older I realized Town was not as far as It seemed. I remember being called to clean up for dinner while swinging as high as possible on the farm swing. Crossing the ditch as a child to get to the swing could be daunting. As I grew up it became a challenge to jump the ditch. I remember sitting at the kitchen table listening and talking to Grandma while she cooked. Her Chocolate Chip cookies where heavenly, Mom makes them too, but Grandma's have the magic touch.
I remember going to the Beauty school while she had her hair done.
I fondly remember her excitement when the ward building would be built on a piece of property adjacent to their fields across the highway.
I remember when we had a family reunion at LakeTahoe and we rented a boat. Grandma loved going fast across the lake and she never stopped smiling the whole way. 
Grandma enjoyed a good card game and she was very hard to beat;0)
She enjoyed attending the temple with her friends and family.
I can look to my Grandma as an example of how to be a Grandmother myself.
I am so Grateful for wonderful women in my life who have given me examples to pattern my life after.
I will miss you but know that you are with your loved ones who have gone before.


John and Ann Tolman said...

Sorry for your loss Laurel but what a wonderful memory you have of her.

Diana and Derek said...

Sorry for your loss. Grandmas are great!

Liz said...

Just saw this for the first time. Lovely memories. She was the best:)


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