Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday Update

Made these cuties this past week.
Camp is only a week away so still getting things together for that.
I do have a sewing project in the works, if all goes well I will post it next week before I leave.
Just a quick note to let all of my friends and family know.
I went in for my Thyroid post radiation check today and the Doc. Said it was successful!
Thank you for your love and prayers!
Have a most wonderful Memorial Day Weekend


Diana and Derek said...

Wahooo! Yes, the shoes are cute, but I am so happy to hear about your treatment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Diana, me too;)

John and Ann Tolman said...

Happy to hear your thyroid is "shaping up". So "last week of transfer"...? does that mean Elder Johnson will be home soon?! I would like a pair of those shoes in my size, they are darling!

Anonymous said...

He had 4 months left, we do not know his return date yet but will start a countdown clock on his site as soon as we do. Thanks I wish I had a bigger size pattern for those booties too;0)


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