Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday Update

Happy February! 
Only a month and a few days of winter left!!
This week I did not do any sewing. I chose instead to work on a few other things. 
Have been enjoying this little guy who is now 2 months Old.
The following pictures are of our Project that we started in the fall and I have failed to share to this point. 
We had a beautiful day yesterday and so I took a few pictures.
 Concrete countertops for our outdoor Kitchen underway. ( Design by Darren)
 New walkway (Work by: Darren, Ben, Laurel, Jacquie, Patrick & Ryan)
 Still a construction zone for a bit longer.
 The walkway lighted wall.
We are looking forward to spring and all the green that will be in the background;)
Hope you have a wonderful week!


Summer Carlile said...

Wow Darren has done such a great job! It looks great.

Jeremy, Kelli and Jayden Wyatt said...

Do I see a BBQ party in your future?

Looks great! Good job, everyone!

Cassy said...

Bennet is adorable! You must love having him around all the time :)

Karen said...

Love it. We should come visit. Also no need to worry about sewing this week. I did enough for the both of us. Plus loving a baby is so fun.

Diana and Derek said...

Very cool! Tell Darren to come work on my walkway.


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