Sunday, December 05, 2010

It's Official we are Grandparents!

We feel so very blessed to have our beautiful Grandson home healthy. He had a little longer stay at the hospital then anticipated but had very good care.
He was born on Dec. 2nd at 10:44 am 
He weighed 8lb 14oz
He is 21 inches tall
Lots of black hair
Long fingers and toes

 Grandpa Johnson & Bennett

All cozy in his swaddle blanket on his Daddy's lap.
This is almost the best day ever, his birthday was The best day ever!


Arianna said...

Absolutely precious! I want to see Grandma with Bennet now ! You can just see Darren's wheels spinning about the adventures he has planned already : ) Tell Ben and Jaqui we are so happy for them !

Liz said...

I can't wait to meet him.

Karen said...

Congrats. What a cutie he is. He is one lucky boy to have you as his Grandma.

Kayleigh said...

That's so great! Congratulations

John and Ann Tolman said...

So fun...congrats to all!

Nelson Family said...

He is adorable.. congratulations!!

Esther Attridge said...

Congrats! He is darling!

Summer Carlile said...

Congrats! He looks like a cutie!


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