Monday, May 17, 2010

Princess Party!

We have two Birthdays to Celebrate in May! 

Darren wanted a round Chocolate cake, it turned out to be a earthcake/volcano cake. (do not use super moist for stacking)

Jacquie requested a Princess Party

Leave it to the kids to get him a dangerous gift!
It is so much fun to have a girl in the house!

He is having way too much fun with this!

New shirt looks great!
After opening presents we went out to Dinner at the Red Lobster. Dinner was delicious we all had Shrimp  and/or Salmon!


Cassy said...

How fun! Happy Birthday, Jacquie!

Cassy said...

oh yeah, and Darren too :)

Diana and Derek said...

It appears that "Carolina Johnson" is on the war path again.

karen said...

That looks like so much fun. What a wonderful family. I am loving the princess theme.

John and Ann Tolman said...

Maybe next year you will have another "princess party" for the new little Johnson?!

Jacq said...

Haha it's so funny cuz they princess theme started as a joke to darren cuz we were having a double bday party...but it turned out super fun!!! Thanks Laurel!!

Liz said...

Tori would have loved that party. I think she even has that coloring book. Happy Birthday to the two of you.


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