Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Update

Spring is really here and the Bradford Pears are all in bloom! This was taken a few days ago on my iPhone while stopped at a red light. They are now just bursting with White Blossoms. I don't own one so no close up pictures.
Here is my first try at a Pinwheel block. I made this to go in my frame for the Month of March.

This bottle cozy started out as a hat, I was crocheting to tight so I decided to just keep using a single crochet stitch and turn it into a glass or bottle cozy. These are nice to use when you have a cold soda or water bottle so they don't leave a wet mess on your desk.
This is my first attempt at Free Motion Quilting. It was all right but I am going to practice on a lot more scraps before attempting anything quilted.
This is a Pinwheel placemat I think it turned out better then the first attempt.

And the back, fabric is from Walmart in case you were wondering.
This came in the mail from  the Fabric Shack they are located in Ohio. They have a super sale selection of Moda fabrics and my order came very quick;)
This is going to be in my April block!


karen said...

Love the header picture. Very spring. And I have to say I love the bottle cozy. What a neat idea. It is still cold here but I am happy to say we have blossoms too. Long winter makes spring that much better.

Watson Ink. said...

I love the spring! It's finally hit here too and I am so excited!

Care said...

Yippee! I've been waiting to see your pinwheel -- checked earlier and it wasn't up yet!

I LOVE it! The colors are so bright and cheerful and springy!

No trees blooming here yet, but trust me -- I am WATCHING and WAITING! :o)

Summer Carlile said...

Everything looks great! I wish it was spring in Utah.

John and Ann Tolman said...

I love the are way too talented! Happy spring!

jess said...

cute stuff! the cool little bottle holder is so smart!

Liz said...

The pinwheel looks great. I love that you are practicing the free motion quilting with your machine. I have been meaning to do that.


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