Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday Update!

Well here it is the last update for this year!
I was able to get my quilt sandwich put together with the help of Jacquie! We used safety pins to hold it together. It went together fairly easily.

I guess I should tell you that Santa brought me a new sewing machine and I have decided to call her "J" short for Janome.  She is a Memory Craft 9700.

I made Nick some football fleece blankets while Darren watched MNF last night. Nick said, that he was getting use to the cold. I thought this might help:)
I think that Next year I will do a Thursday update as we will be having Mutual on Tuesdays!
 Happy New year to each of you!!!


Jennifer said...

I am excited for you to have a new sewing machine. I love the quilt. I am sure Nick will love the fleece football blankets too. I will be on the look out for your Thursday updates!

karen said...

What a nice present from Santa. I love all your updates. You've down so much this year. Your Christmas look likes a great deal of fun. Have a Happy New Year.

Liz said...

how big was that quilt you were quilting on you machine? I paid someone to quilt my large twin size because I was scared to attempt it on my sewing machine. I didn't want to screw it up after it took me so long to piece it together.

jess said...

love the double stitching on the quilt! cute fabrics too...is this one for you?


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