Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Update

This was one of Nick's old white dress shirts now my crafty paint shirt, hopefully I will remember to use it!
Monkey quilt ready for flowers to be tied.
Loads and loads of laundry done after getting back from trip to Utah!
Purchased my first walking foot for sewing and am very excited to try machine quilting with it.


Rachel said...

Laurel - email me and tell me about this walking foot? Do I need one?

Diana and Derek said...

I have the same question. What is a walking foot? I love the flowers on that quilt. It is soo cute.

Anonymous said...

Check this link for info on a Walking Foot.http://www.jankrentz.com/displaypage.php?ID=46

jess said...

oooh, a walking foot makes quilting lines soo much straighter and easier! you'll love it!


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