Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Update

This week has been a good one for finishing up projects!! So here are two finished projects.

And here are 2 projects that I started and finished today!

Jacquie designed these for Stamp Club! There are so cute!!!


Watson Ink. said...

Love the finished quilt! And the "Thinking of You" tag is so adorable!!

Diana and Derek said...

The designs Jacquie did are darling. I want a better look at the fringe on the patchwork quilt. What did you put on there?

Anonymous said...

Those are Pins holding the self binding in place:0) I guess I better get a picture with out the pins in LOL.

jess said...

love the little tree tag! the quilt and blanket look oh so cute and snuggly! nice job!

amber johnson said...

Those tags are so cute and I love the patchwork quilt! Thanks for sharing!


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