Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Beginnings 2009

Tonight was our Annual Young Women's "New Beginnings" Program. This year it was centered around the 2009 Mutual Theme and Becoming a "Beehive". We sang the song "Be Thou an Example" by Hillary Abplanalp. One of our talented Laurel's played the cello, it was so pritty.
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Idaho Penningtons said...

Looks like it turned out well!! We had ours last night - first one in about 20 years I was not involved in just got to go and enjoy! They did Past, present and Future - had the Laurels graduating introduce the new beehives coming in - then had the girls talk about each value - how it helped them in the past, present and then how it will help them in the future!

John and Ann Tolman said...

That looked great! Libby & Angies ward had their New Beginnings last week and I had to talk about Devine Nature...after "forgetting" to read the scripture in 2 Peter, I talked about the "Ugly Duckling" story and then gave them each a "ugly duckling" duck that I found at our $1 Tree store. The girls loved the ducks but I won't be asked to do that again...scriptures are important! missed who the baby was in picture #2. Mindy is the same age as Amy & Heidi...

Adam and Shalisa said...

That looks like so much fun...all the new beehives that are coming in I taught in Primary when we first moved there. I can't believe it.


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