Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another beautiful evening at the beach!

We like to head to the beach in the late afternoon when we finish our work for the day! Today was the perfect day for just that!

Family fun and games on the beach!

Benjamin's Sweetheart!
Such a handsome husband and father!

Surfers like to use these paddle boards when the waves are small to help build arm and leg muscles.

Fall evenings on the beach are fairly warm and uncrowded here in SC!
As the sun set beyond the Marsh we decided it was time to feed our hunger and headed into Charleston for some fresh seafood!


John and Ann Tolman said...

Wow, such beautiful pictures. It makes me miss going to the beach. I used to love it when we lived in Whittier and would go to Long Beach or Newport beach almost every week-end spring-fall.I love just listening to the ocean waves break on the beach. You are blessed.

karen said...

What great pictures! It looks like so much fun. Must be nice to live so close to the beach.

Elisa Wright said...

okay... definitely jealous...

I wanna be there!!!

I miss fresh seafood. Can we go get some when I'm home for Christmas?

Idaho Penningtons said...

my favorite picture is the one with the backs of the 4 chairs! Your getting real creative in your old age!!!hehehehe

Shannon said...

Gorgeous!! I bet you are just loving all of the family together. I love it!

I need you to email me some pictures of JQ and Ben's Wedding, also some of your family and then Some of nick and them.
Love you!

Diana and Derek said...

I already want to visit. This is not helping. Diana

Esther Attridge said...

I'm a little jealous - not gonna lie. It looks amazing!!


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